I felt a blog coming on!

So, it was March when I last wrote and my blogging hasn’t got any better, so not much chance of anything going viral. Since last time I wrote, I have been busy and it has all been terrific. Highlights have been – presenting awards at the Elena Cobb Star Prize Winners concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Various concerts with my three choirs, quite a bit of adjudicating and the final performances of COAL in Recklinghausen and what a terrific way to finish two years of touring this fantastic show. I had my usual round of Summer concerts and then it was holiday time. It was lovely to recharge the batteries and relax and read. September has come round again, but for me it was slow getting here, so I was able to enjoy the summer.

There was a sadness too, as a good and long standing friend passed away suddenly, which has left an emptiness as I was unable to say my goodbyes at the funeral mass.

But, at least I can remember the many memories we shared and celebrate our friendship.

As for the remaining months of 2018, it is going to be busy – but 2019 gets even busier, with lots of exciting projects in the planning. So, in the meantime ‘take time to laugh, it is the music of the soul’.