Happy Easter!

I have had a busy couple of months, so I am very happy to be taking a few days off to recharge my batteries. January started slowly which was nice after spending Christmas and the New Year in Spain and then February kicked off my a busy period. Festivals, workshops, COAL, teaching, Festivals, Meetings, Festivals, Snow, Festivals, Snow, Festivals Snow, concerts with Lesley Garrett, Carlton Main Frickley, Festivals, COAL in Belfast, Meadowhead concerts and rest….and to come are concerts with my three lovely choirs.

It really is nice to know that I have some time off after such a busy period. I have worked with some of the best recently and their enthusiasm and passion for what they do continues to inspire me to want to carry on being creative.

My days off are tinged with sadness as we say goodbye to a good friend, who whole heartedly welcomed me into a new setting  back in 2006 and helped and supported me and many others through many rehearsals, concerts and memorable singing trips. I have many fond memories of Micheal Beard and he will forever be in my heart.

But, he was a realist and I know he would be telling to get on with things, as indeed I will, but I shall frequently raise a glass of prosecco to a very special person. Thank you for sharing your friendship with me.

There are some exciting projects coming up later in the year and for 2019 as well, but you know I do like to plan ahead, but is 2023 too far? Well, not for some people! Anyway have a lovely Easter weekend. Cheers!


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