Happy New Year!

I’ve only just got used to writing 2014, so there’s no hope for remembering the ‘5’! Time really does fly when you are enjoying yourself. The Christmas and New Year break is an odd one, because you look forward to it (mostly) and then it’s gone before you even know it. December brought a varied month of events… I gave a talk about Haydn, The Creation…and it really made me appreciate this music more than ever and who knows it may even make an appearance in my concert repertoire sometime in the future. I was delighted to attend one of the Barnsley Youth Choir concerts this month and they never disappoint – so much energy! Two singing days, exploring the fabulous music of Britten’s A Ceremony of Carols, which reminded me of Bretton and of the performances of this beautiful piece every Christmas in the mansion building. Many and varied concerts with Honley MVC….I can’t believe it is now 2 years – where does the time go? My final Christmas week of concerts was a little mad, to say the least…7 in one week!! It went something like this – Gorton Monastery with Russell Watson and ACS, ACS Carols with the Choral with Oldfield Brow School, a concert at Kirkwood Hospice with HMVC, Carols by Candlelight with CPC and Swanwick Primary School, the final HMVC concert in Huddersfield and then two Christmas concerts with Unlimited Voices in Liverpool. My final rehearsal was on 21st…..and then oh, have I bought any presents yet – NO! But, before that a great evening returning to the fabulous Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, such a great building and good to be with friends….oh yes, perhaps I had now get presents, after all it’s only 24th – I’ve got plenty of time! And rest – it has been a lovely Christmas, an opportunity to relax, see friends, spend time at home, see some great theatre, catch up on TV and it all starts again on Monday. But would I change anything? Well, maybe only a couple of things, but I am so lucky to do what I enjoy doing…I have some great things happening on 2015 and as usual it is the things I don’t know about yet that will make the year even more special. I am always thoughtful at this time of year, as well as thankful. It has been an interesting year blogging – well ok, trying to – I haven’t exactly been as prolific as I said I would but, at least I tried and it has been nice to read back through my year. So here’s to another exciting and different 12 months!


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