A Lovely Day!

My, my….what a busy time I have been having! A day off today, but I shall be celebrating the wedding of a very dear friend this evening! It always surprises me the twists and turns in our lives, the opportunities that come along that we must grab at all costs……but perhaps the most valuable lesson I have learnt recently is to value friendships! Real friendship is timeless, there are no expectations, no pressures, they just are…..and even when we think we have let far too much time pass since we last got in touch….make the effort!

I have been lucky to have some wonderful opportunities lately, especially the many varied concerts I have conducted and the wonderful people that have been on this journey with me! Of course my last blog announced the honour of becoming patron of the EnRich charity….although given the opportunity to think about the request, it actually required no thinking at all. Richard Tolson was a former student of mine who went on to become a colleague. Those who knew him, will agree that he was an inspiration, always smiling, always supportive, always there for you and always nice! He was honest, talented, full of integrity, kind, generous and a great person to be around and was always interested in what you were doing. I haven’t mentioned any of his skills as a musician, great as they were, but it was his manner and enthusiasm that never failed to impress those whom he met. I had the utmost respect for Rich and feel privileged to be able to remain to be a small part of his life, his family and his friends and am very proud to support EnRich.

I have also done quite a bit of travelling lately and as an adjudicator I really do get to hear some wonderful talent and the work of the many festivals that I am fortunate to attend deserve every credit for continuing to provide a platform for performance in so many ways. Truly the work of this dedicated group of volunteers is outstanding and long may it thrive.

Every time I look at my diary….I think oh my I’m busy….then just realise how lucky I am to be doing what I enjoy! The many varied facets of my life centre around music making, but of late some interesting turns have taken place which have seen me back in University…..teaching no less and perhaps the opportunity of renewing my love of contemporary dance….but more about that another time!

The other thing that strikes me every time I travel is how beautiful this country is and how privileged we are to have such amazing heritage and dare I say, it’s always more beautiful when the sun is shining!

So, still a few more rehearsals to do before a little break, but I really would like to thank everyone for all the enjoyment and music making we have done together! Have a great weekend everyone and maybe I will try and blog a little more frequently in future…but don’t count on it!


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