Well it was great to be back at Birmingham Town Hall on Saturday – a great buzz in the hall and some great singing! Strange dreams this week too – featuring the letter F – Friday, Felt Tip, France and Fire Brigade! Now analyse that one….and then to confuse things even further and to make a long journey short I thought it would be fun to take a few facebook quizzes – well you have to? So in no particular order I am – Albus Dumbledore, Obi-Wan Kenobi, a hot buttered roll (!!), Camilla the Chicken, Leonard Hofstadter. I also should be in the musical Oklahoma and belong in the future! I did say it was a long journey! So back into rehearsals this week and looking forward to my first adjudicating of the year this weekend. Bye!



Sometimes I feel the need to ramble and those of you who see me in rehearsal will know just what I am like! So, last week I wanted to be Prime Minister – this week no such aspiration! But, I have been thinking about my own Radio show! So tomorrow I am back conducting at the fabulous Town Hall in Birmingham and I did have a couple of ‘Harley Davidson’ moments  on Wednesday, but you really had to be there! So, it’s my first concert of 2014 and then I don’t really stop, but what great memories we create every time we do a concert. It’s funny that some days I feel like I need to tell the world everything – today I am just content and looking forward to the weekend! Cheerio!

The weekend!

After a full and busy week, I have a day to catch up on everything else before jumping straight back into rehearsals tomorrow. I know I mentioned age last week, but another blast from the past came when I heard that Alexandra Bastedo had sadly died. Now for those TV buffs out there – you will remember her in The Champions – that really was one of my favourite programmes and who can forget the fabulous opening credits featuring the water fountain on Lake Geneva and with music by Robert Farnon. It was also good to hear more about Simon Fuller on BBC Radio 2 this week as I drove back from Birmingham. I must give him a ring and see if he can fit me in! Oh, well work beckons – hope you are enjoying your weekend. More ramblings next week! Bye for now.

A new week!

It’s the start of a new week after a great start to all my musical activities of 2014 – very satisfying first rehearsals. Now, my favourite quote of the weekend comes from the film ‘Frozen’ (don’t worry, there are no spoilers) – but you’ve got to watch just to hear Olaf! Actually Sven is quite funny too and the music is also good! A must see film for young and the slightly more mature…and talking of mature it was great to hear Eddi Reader on the Terry Wogan show yesterday (but does that make me a TOGG?)….and if that wasn’t enough listening to Len Goodman on my way back from rehearsal and chuckling to myself at Len’s choices, particularly Fanlight Fanny! That’s all for now, so let’s see what this week brings and to finish with another quote, this time from Eddi Reader “Music is the most underrated medicine around” Cheerio!

New Beginnings!

Well, this is my first blog of 2014 and my first ever – so I don’t really know what this new way of communicating will bring. Hopefully, once a week I may ramble or rant about something that has attracted my attention, or that I have done, so in the meantime have a great weekend!