I felt a blog coming on!

So, it was March when I last wrote and my blogging hasn’t got any better, so not much chance of anything going viral. Since last time I wrote, I have been busy and it has all been terrific. Highlights have been – presenting awards at the Elena Cobb Star Prize Winners concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Various concerts with my three choirs, quite a bit of adjudicating and the final performances of COAL in Recklinghausen and what a terrific way to finish two years of touring this fantastic show. I had my usual round of Summer concerts and then it was holiday time. It was lovely to recharge the batteries and relax and read. September has come round again, but for me it was slow getting here, so I was able to enjoy the summer.

There was a sadness too, as a good and long standing friend passed away suddenly, which has left an emptiness as I was unable to say my goodbyes at the funeral mass.

But, at least I can remember the many memories we shared and celebrate our friendship.

As for the remaining months of 2018, it is going to be busy – but 2019 gets even busier, with lots of exciting projects in the planning. So, in the meantime ‘take time to laugh, it is the music of the soul’.


Happy Easter!

I have had a busy couple of months, so I am very happy to be taking a few days off to recharge my batteries. January started slowly which was nice after spending Christmas and the New Year in Spain and then February kicked off my a busy period. Festivals, workshops, COAL, teaching, Festivals, Meetings, Festivals, Snow, Festivals, Snow, Festivals Snow, concerts with Lesley Garrett, Carlton Main Frickley, Festivals, COAL in Belfast, Meadowhead concerts and rest….and to come are concerts with my three lovely choirs.

It really is nice to know that I have some time off after such a busy period. I have worked with some of the best recently and their enthusiasm and passion for what they do continues to inspire me to want to carry on being creative.

My days off are tinged with sadness as we say goodbye to a good friend, who whole heartedly welcomed me into a new setting  back in 2006 and helped and supported me and many others through many rehearsals, concerts and memorable singing trips. I have many fond memories of Micheal Beard and he will forever be in my heart.

But, he was a realist and I know he would be telling to get on with things, as indeed I will, but I shall frequently raise a glass of prosecco to a very special person. Thank you for sharing your friendship with me.

There are some exciting projects coming up later in the year and for 2019 as well, but you know I do like to plan ahead, but is 2023 too far? Well, not for some people! Anyway have a lovely Easter weekend. Cheers!

A different perspective!

Well, I can confirm I am not very good at blogging and I doubt I will ever go ‘viral’. But one thing is certain, when you have worked hard and constantly for such a long time, it is a bit of a revelation to find you have free time for yourself, family and friends. I made a big decision to stop doing something I enjoyed last July and it does not seem like twelve months ago since I did! I keep an interested eye on how things are progressing and I am so pleased that many of you are still singing and travelling and enjoying great camaraderie and making new musical memories. But, I have to be honest, that I really am enjoying ‘time-out’. I am still busy with my various projects, but now have time to breathe, reflect, catch-up or do nothing! I do so enjoy what I do, but I am always looking for the next challenge or a new road to travel down, experiment and see what happens. The rest of the year looks exciting and I am very much looking forward to new projects in 2018! As I write I am mindful of a quote by the late, Steve Jobs.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” I’m lucky……I have found what I love!


So, I’m actually not very good at this am I! Well, today I reach the end of a journey. One that has produced so many memories, that it will be impossible for me to forget. But it has been a good journey and it has taught me a great deal. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many musicians and singers over the last 13 years, conducting over 200 concerts and I have lost count of the number of rehearsals I have taken. But, looking forward and taking a different path is what is on the horizon, well actually it’s just around the corner and I am looking forward to it! There are still many things that I am involved with, but my decision is based on having some time for myself. None of us really know what’s coming next, but I am going to stop for a while and simply be me, with just a little more time to relax and reflect. So a massive thank you to everyone that has been on this journey with me. Cheers everyone! Maybe now, I will blog a little more often! 🙂

Successful Blogger!

Well, this isn’t going too well is it? I last wrote in January, wishing everyone a happy new year! Where has the time gone? I am just about to start a full-on work schedule after quite a relaxing few weeks and it has certainly made me realise the benefits of getting away from it all and recharging your batteries. I have had a lot of time to think lately and it is so important that we stop and think of ourselves sometime. We live in a hectic world and for most of us, we don’t stop and give ourselves the opportunity to simply ‘be’. None of us know what is around the corner and it is essential that we live our lives as we would want to and should try not to live our lives according to others demands. I am not saying that those around us are not important and should shape our days and months, but we must never lose sight of what we want ourselves. I am fortunate to be doing what I love, yet I should always be true to myself as a person and as someone who tries to be professional in all my various roles. I don’t know whether it is a sign of getting older, or just becoming more comfortable with myself, but there has definitely been a change. I have experienced so many wonderful things this year and looking at my diary have many more fabulous things to look forward to in the future. I already have work as far ahead as 2021 – eek! Now, that is scary; but comforting in a way to know that I can plan that far ahead and that people still want me to work for them. I did some new things this year, including working with one of my past students on a dance project. It was humbling, special, inspirational and gave me so much more than I had expected. I have made new friends and become reacquainted with old ones, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time! I know I should make time, but when there is still so much to do, to learn, to read! I am backing myself in a corner here and I know it, but I have become hungry for knowledge and want to know more about everything. But I shall be content in what I know and do and have made a promise to myself to ‘stop’ occasionally and just slow everything down and watch and listen and be ‘present’! So, having got that off my chest, let’s see if I can write something before 2016 comes round. We shall see!

Happy New Year!

I’ve only just got used to writing 2014, so there’s no hope for remembering the ‘5’! Time really does fly when you are enjoying yourself. The Christmas and New Year break is an odd one, because you look forward to it (mostly) and then it’s gone before you even know it. December brought a varied month of events… I gave a talk about Haydn, The Creation…and it really made me appreciate this music more than ever and who knows it may even make an appearance in my concert repertoire sometime in the future. I was delighted to attend one of the Barnsley Youth Choir concerts this month and they never disappoint – so much energy! Two singing days, exploring the fabulous music of Britten’s A Ceremony of Carols, which reminded me of Bretton and of the performances of this beautiful piece every Christmas in the mansion building. Many and varied concerts with Honley MVC….I can’t believe it is now 2 years – where does the time go? My final Christmas week of concerts was a little mad, to say the least…7 in one week!! It went something like this – Gorton Monastery with Russell Watson and ACS, ACS Carols with the Choral with Oldfield Brow School, a concert at Kirkwood Hospice with HMVC, Carols by Candlelight with CPC and Swanwick Primary School, the final HMVC concert in Huddersfield and then two Christmas concerts with Unlimited Voices in Liverpool. My final rehearsal was on 21st…..and then oh, have I bought any presents yet – NO! But, before that a great evening returning to the fabulous Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, such a great building and good to be with friends….oh yes, perhaps I had now get presents, after all it’s only 24th – I’ve got plenty of time! And rest – it has been a lovely Christmas, an opportunity to relax, see friends, spend time at home, see some great theatre, catch up on TV and it all starts again on Monday. But would I change anything? Well, maybe only a couple of things, but I am so lucky to do what I enjoy doing…I have some great things happening on 2015 and as usual it is the things I don’t know about yet that will make the year even more special. I am always thoughtful at this time of year, as well as thankful. It has been an interesting year blogging – well ok, trying to – I haven’t exactly been as prolific as I said I would but, at least I tried and it has been nice to read back through my year. So here’s to another exciting and different 12 months!